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[11.02.24] Dongwan on Strong Heart: consolidated news

February 26, 2011


On the 22 Feb episode of ‘Strong Heart’, Kim Dongwan was asked if the Shinhwa members went on blind dates. He replied that, “We didn’t because we found it childish. But we did ‘hunting’ (picking up girls).”

When Big Bang’s G-Dragon talked about how he avoided blind dates after one girl mentioned that she met with Seungri only the week before, Kim Dongwan said, “It’s the same with me. The girls always said that they know Junjin.”

Super Junior’s Shindong also revealed the phrase that Super Junior hears most often – “Rascals just like Shinhwa” – for their similar trouble-making traits. Kim Dongwan then added, “There was once when Fly To The Sky were late for an hour for a music show rehearsal, and the PD yelled at them, “Are you Shinhwa?!” “

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk also shared an interesting episode. “There was once when Dongwan-hyung had a schedule lined up and their manager was trying to wake him up. He then locked the door and shouted, “I said I’m not going!” “

Kim Dongwan talked about fellow labelmates H.O.T. “They were recognized as the role models for all idols. The members all had a lot of ambitions for the stage and their music, and when we saw that side of them, we always reflected on ourselves and regretted that we didn’t become like them.”

On the other hand, Moon Hee Jun said, “Because we had to maintain our mysterious concept, we couldn’t freely visit the restrooms and we weren’t allowed to date. Our lives were really boring for 5 years. But for celebrities, Shinhwa were leading their lives freely and happily.”

Kim Dongwan then replied that they were often compared to H.O.T in many ways. When the members asked their manager why they had to put on make-up to go to the supermarket, they were told, “Because Moon Hee Jun gets his hair done before he goes to the supermarket”.

MC Kang Ho Dong also quipped that the Shinhwa members were the most-often seen celebrities in Apgujung, much to the agreement of other studio guests.

Moon Hee Jun then added, “I’ve seen the Shinhwa members, from before their debut until now, it’s already been more than 15 years, and it’s really like watching a reality drama. During rehearsals for music programs, there was an average of 2-3 members who had to be carried on stage because they were sleeping. Either because they were sleeping or they were having hangovers.” To which Kim Dongwan agreed, “We often had hangover soup for breakfast.”

To the amusement of the guests, Kim Dongwan further confessed, “H.O.T couldn’t freely visit the restroom, but I actually waved to fans when I was peeing on the street.”

MC Lee Seunggi also shared his experience with Shinhwa in the waiting room. “Usually singers would bring handheld games into the waiting room, but they brought along their TV screen from their dormitory as well and happily played their games.

Kim Dongwan also confessed to having a nose job done before his debut. “One day Mr Lee Soo Man came to me and told me that my nose looked weird. Originally my nose resembled that of actor Shin Hyun Joon, like the nose of an Arab. He then said that he was going to give me a present, and then he brought me to the hospital. And there I received a new nose for a present.”

Credits: TV Report + Absolut Shinhwa

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