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[09.07.10] Netizens divided over Kim Dongwan’s criticism of Lee Minwoo’s ex-girlfriend

July 12, 2009

look at the mess you’ve made AMY, now even Dongwan is in the heat from the netizen’s because of you. happy now ms. blabber-mouth. I am just glad Minwoo is no longer related to you, feel sorry he ever got involed with you. as if you are the only one who suffered from break-ups. Ms. high and mighty, please see yourself in the mirror before you give out any more interview and dragging someone else’s name in it.



The harsh advice that Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan meted out to the ex-girlfriend of fellow Shinhwa member Lee Minwoo has divided netizens into two camps with varying opinions. In an entry posted on his personal blog on 9th July, Kim Dongwan expressed his unhappiness at Amy’s criticism of Lee Minwoo in a recent interview.

(details of Dongwan’s entry omitted – please refer to the translation of the entry HERE)

After the entry was posted, many netizens have expressed views such as, “Does a third party have the right to make remarks like that?” One netizen in particular remarked, “Even if Kim Dongwan is very close to Lee Minwoo, it’s not good for him to interfere in other people’s relationships.”

Furthermore, some netizens commented that as a public service officer serving his military duty, he should “stick to fulfilling his duties well. Whether it’s Amy openly criticizing Lee Minwoo, or Kim Dongwan openly warning Amy, there seems to be no difference between their actions.”

However there are netizens who take Kim Dongwan’s side: “Amy was wrong to have openly denounced her ex-boyfriend after breaking up. It feels good to read what Kim Dongwan has wrote”; “Kim Dongwan is a loyal guy indeed! This really shows his true friendship with Lee Minwoo.”

(details of how M got together and broke up with her omitted)

Credits: SSTV + Absolut Shinhwa

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